Thomas VDB, green deter ‘- Release

In his new show, the comedian living in the countryside exorcises his climatic anxieties.

Intuitively, it’s a bit like that we would have imagined the setting of a Thomas VDB show, in line with his unshaven Ostrogoth look. A clothesline stretched out at the back of the stage, with drying slibards. Bundled up like the ace of spades, he enters the stage singing a capella, we wouldn’t be surprised if he had crumbs of tobacco under his fingernails and a Maximator beer in his hand. In this return to the shows, the one-man shows are jostling on the bill. Difficult to survey this dense program of autumn without one performance eventually chasing the other mentally. Suffice to say that the slightest signature effect of comedians matters to prevent them from finding them interchangeable.

Cell of sobering up of a quadra who returned from the carelessness of his young years

At Thomas VDB, this effect is not only due to the shaggy look and the briefs, but to a rather disenchanted overall tone. The show, punctuated by sung interludes, presents itself as the sobering up cell of a quadra who have returned from the carefree life of their young years, envying that of the generations who did not have to worry about the climate emergency. It strikes in a lot of places, with a verve more politicized than most of his peers: the humorist (columnist at France Inter for more than ten years) recycles in particular elements of macronist language to bring out the absurdity. What does it mean “I take the bet that scientists will rise to the challenge”, when we speak of a planetary catastrophe? Here we are embarked for an hour of excursion in the very decreasing daily life of a “neorural”, ex-Parisian put in the green since his departure in Essonne.

What to appreciate on parts the transformation of a former “critical rock” whose life is not rock or unreasonable any more these days, except to admit that to grant its way of life to its convictions and its anxieties requires a form of madness. Anxieties? The car accident (he doesn’t drive), global warming (he avoids the plane, don’t you think it’s hot enough like that?), The kidnapping of his son… Certainly, Thomas’s scruffy panache VDB makes you expect something a little more out of the ordinary than what it ends up offering on stage. But finding reasons to laugh at what otherwise would be so scary that one would stay locked in at home is a generous art, like the spectacle.

“Thomas VDB acclimatizes”, at the Théâtre de l’Européen in Paris until October 30, extensions from January 13 to February 26, and on tour throughout France.


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