Thorough investigation of the survival of Honda F1 and Verstappen power units[F1-Gate .com]

Honda F1 is thoroughly investigating whether Max Verstappen’s power unit component year tp, which received a 51G impact on the machine for a high-speed crash at the F1 British Grand Prix, can be recovered by HRD-Sakura.

Red Bull Honda F1 Max Verstappen crashed fast into the Cops corner barrier after entwining with Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap of the F1 British Grand Prix. Verstappen was not injured, but the chassis was wrecked.

The F1 power unit consists of six components, and each driver has a limit on the number of components that can be used throughout the season.

Up to 3 internal combustion engines (engines), MGU-H, MGU-K, and turbochargers, and 2 energy stores and control electronics are permitted.

At the F1 British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen was the second component to allow three components and the first to allow two.

Max Verstappen only introduced a new engine prior to Round 7 F1 French Grand Prix, and the current components were well within the expected life cycle.

The power unit installed in Max Verstappen’s machine at the F1 British Grand Prix was given to HRD-Sakura in Japan to evaluate the degree of damage.

“When I first saw the car being lifted, I thought it was a pretty terrible situation, but the damage to the actual car seems to be less than what I see in the video,” says Toyoharu Tanabe.

“But you can’t tell if you’re in the car, so you need to check, measure, and judge at the factory.”

If Honda F1 is unable to save Max Verstappen’s power unit, championship leaders are more likely to face grid penalties in later-season events.

“This result isn’t what we wanted, but we know that championship battles can often be like this and will continue for the rest of the season,” said the Honda F1. Toyoharu Tanabe, technical director, said.

“We expect it to be even harder to fight strong rivals this long season, but we will do our best as usual.”

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