Those arrested for repatriation work will not be able to return to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Enacts New Localization Rules

Jeddah: Those arrested for doing repatriated work will not be able to return to the country, the Saudi Javasat (Passport) section said. The passport department said there was no impediment for deported foreigners to come for Hajj and Umrah.

Javasati answers a worker’s question. Expatriates are arrested in Saudi Arabia for various offenses. Such persons will be sent to a deportation center. From here the deportation will be completed with the help of the embassies of the respective countries. Those caught violating the Iqamah law will then arrive in Saudi Arabia on a new visa after a certain period of time.

As part of the Saudiisation, those arrested for working for the natives are also deported. Javasat has now said that such people will not be able to return. Any foreigner deported from Saudi Arabia can return to perform Hajj and Umrah. However, the Javasat faction said that the law and regulations related to this say that it cannot be returned


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