Those coming to England to prepare 200 pounds for 2 more tests

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson PHOTO: Reuters

ANDEngland is introducing two more mandatory coronavirus tests for those arriving in the country from Monday, which will be performed on the second and eighth day of the mandatory 10-day quarantine. They cost around £ 200, which is more expensive than a round-trip plane ticket between Sofia and London at the moment.

In addition, travelers must present a negative result of a third test taken 72 hours earlier on landing in the United Kingdom.

The additional two tests must be booked on the British government’s website when filling out a declaration of where the quarantine will take place. If they are not made, the fine for the first violation is 1,000 pounds, and for the second – 2,000 pounds, as well as extending the quarantine to 14 days.

Arriving in England from 33 countries in Africa, Latin America and Portugal, which have more contagious mutations in COVID-19, will have to be quarantined in a hotel for 10 days, which will cost them 1,750 pounds. Foreign nationals who have been in them for the last 10 days are not allowed to enter the United Kingdom at all. If they try to do so, lying in their declarations of arrival in the country, they face up to 10 years in prison.

The last few days have been extremely busy at London airports with people trying to enter the country before the new tougher restrictions.

British media have revealed that some of the hotels booked by the government do not meet safety requirements. They have common air conditioning systems through which the virus can be easily transmitted from room to room. The BBC reported a similar case in Australia, where a couple was infected by a Nigerian family quarantining in a hotel room against theirs.

It is alleged that this happened while they were opening their doors at the same time to take the food delivered to them, which forced the Australian authorities to introduce stricter rules for hotel stays.


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