Those who work in the IOMA clinic will be expelled from the Medical Association


A few hours after the inauguration of the medical center of the Obra Médico Asistencial Institute (IOMA), the authorities of the Platense Medical Association (AMP) warned that “all medical professionals know that if they work in that place by direct agreement or invoice by another means than it is not the AMP, they are automatically disaggregated. This means that they have every right to work wherever they want, but they will no longer have the power to collectively claim for increases or any other situation that may arise ”. The controversy is already raised.

Julián Barrales, in charge of the presidency of the WAP, said that “we had been informed about this medical center in the social work. We know that in principle no unionized professional works. We do not know who will be the professionals who will work in that place ”.

The manager said that “no one prohibits anything from health professionals. It is an option for the modality they want to work. The same occurs with those who choose to bill IOMA through clinics, after an agreement signed by the social work, Fecliba and Acliba so that professionals have the option of billing via sanatoriums, private hospitals and clinics of the City. If they do that, they know that they are automatically disaggregated ”.

From IOMA they reported last Friday that the 38 and 6 medical center with polyconsultations had been inaugurated, to attend “free and exclusive” to the affiliates and affiliates of the social work. It has availability of medical personnel from different specialties, health agents and professionals trained in the detection of prevalent diseases ”, as reported in the Buenos Aires social work.

The president of IOMA, Homero Giles, explained that “polyconsultations are enrolled in a program to strengthen the first level of health care at the IOMA, which seeks to prioritize care based on rights, quality, accessible, and in geographic proximity. of the community of affiliates and affiliates, based on the design and implementation of specific intervention measures in centers with first level services. This first polyconsultation is the result of an agreement between the public and private sectors, where we prioritize care at the first level ”. Likewise, Homero Giles highlighted the presence of the Vice Minister of Health Nicolás Kreplak during the inauguration last Friday, since the initiative “is part of the health policies implemented by the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires,” remarked the head of the Institute.

As said, although from the AMP they stated yesterday that they knew that this inauguration was going to take place, it did not remove concern from the sector, because it proposes another way and system of work for health professionals, since in This medical center members will not pay copayments and will be treated free of charge, which is why the professionals who work in that center must bill IOMA directly or they will have another agreement or way of developing and charging for their activity, different from the one raised to the City in sanatoriums and private clinics where doctors bill their fees for practices and consultations carried out through the AMP.

“They will bring doctors from other places, who are not affiliated to the AMP,” they raised in the entity that brings together 5,000 professionals from all health disciplines in the City.

The inauguration of IOMA’s own medical center is added to the agreement that the Buenos Aires social work carried out with an ophthalmology clinic that opened its doors in the first days of December 2020, on 8 and 41, where the affiliates of the Institute will be able to attend free, without paying bonuses.

“So far we know that there is no unionized professional working in that center”

This agreement signed between the ophthalmological clinic (CITO) and the IOMA aroused strong concern and concern in the Society of Ophthalmologists of Platenses, which prepared an internal document in light of the situation.

The Platense Society of Ophthalmology (SOP), president of the Ophthalmologists of La Plata, “has analyzed the opening of a new Ophthalmology Care Center, a branch of several others in CABA and Conurbano. This opening takes place in the context of a serious conflict for months with our Provincial Social Work, IOMA, which led the CAO (Argentine Council of Ophthalmology) and the College of Physicians, among others, to declare our City a conflict zone ” , raises the document that is dated December 9, 2020.

“It is at this point where said Center lands in the City with a Direct Agreement, going through all the endless negotiations at the union, legal and political level to install a very poor health system for the population,” adds the ophthalmologists’ document.

“For months we have been fighting for decent fees (we obtained an 8 percent increase in practices and 10 percent in consultations that have not yet been reflected) and against the intention of the IOMA to generate direct agreements, which would make our historical entities disappear intermediate and would lead, as everyone knows, to poorer fees, “adds the text prepared by ophthalmologists from La Plata to which this newspaper had access.

Professionals point out that for many ophthalmologists in the City it would be a detriment, since in their daily work, “the IOMA represents almost 70 percent of their work activity.”

The La Plata Society of Ophthalmology affirms that “it does not intend to interfere or impede the work of any colleague who wants to practice the profession in this city as long as he does so in compliance with the same work and billing standards that govern all partners” .

“The 300 thousand people from the universe affiliated with the social work in La Plata now have an advanced ophthalmology service. This is the CITO Group, which opened its doors last December on 8 and 41. This center guarantees attention to IOMA affiliates, except for the co-payment of the required benefits, that is, they do not pay any amount for the bonus consultation ”, IOMA publishes on its portal.


PROFESSIONALS includes the Platense Medical Association, whose authorities warned yesterday that “everyone knows that if they bill through another means than the AMP they will automatically be disaggregated and lose union strength when fighting for an increase or another labor issue.”


percent Increase ask the authorities of the AMP to the Buenos Aires social work to close the 2020 cycle. “In this way 36 percent would be added for consultations and 28 percent for practices,” indicated the authorities of the Association.


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