Thousands of Romanians were diagnosed with COVID-19 after receiving the first dose of vaccine

Vaccin coronavirus. Foto: Pixabay

Almost 4,000 Romanians were diagnosed with COVID-19, after receiving the first dose of vaccine. After the recall, more than 400 people tested positive.

The explanation for the phenomenon is given by the fact that vaccinated people did not develop enough antibodies to keep the virus at bay.

The medical authorities point out that vaccinated people must also comply with prevention measures.

The number of vaccinated Romanians reached 836,000, of which just over 600,000 received both doses.

In total, since the start of the national vaccination campaign, 4,576 adverse reactions have been recorded, the average being 3.18 per thousand doses administered.

Doctor Valeriu Gheorghiță, who coordinates the immunization effort, says that Romania is waiting for more vaccine tranches.

Today, 79,000 doses of Moderna vaccine will arrive in the country, while in April Romania is waiting for the first doses of vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson.

According to Johnson & Johnson, its COVID-19 vaccine was 66% effective in clinical trials in 44,000 volunteers.

This vaccine, which is given in a single dose, is 85% effective in preventing serious forms of the disease, according to the findings of clinical trials.

Romania would receive 8 million doses.

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