Thousands of Trump supporters protest against election results

EA week after Joe Biden’s election victory was announced, thousands of supporters of incumbent American President Donald Trump protested the result. In Washington, they gathered in Freedom Plaza near the White House on Saturday when Trump slowly drove past the protest march in an armored limousine.

The crowd cheered, some stood just a few meters from the incumbent’s motorcade, others even ran enthusiastically with her. The participants chanted “USA” and “Four more years”, many held up American flags and banners to vent their displeasure with the outcome of the election.

Parts of Washington cordoned off

Again and again the slogan could be heard that the “election had been stolen”. The President made this accusation and spoke of alleged manipulation without any evidence. Senior representatives from electoral authorities and American industry recently stated that the November 3rd election and the counting of votes went smoothly with the exception of typical minor mishaps. It was “the safest choice in American history,” they said.

Donald Trump waves to his supporters from his car.

Image: Reuters

After the lap around Freedom Plaza, the incumbent drove to his golf club in Virginia. Then Trump fans from all over the country took the floor, and after an hour the crowd moved to the Supreme Court.

The “Million MAGA March”, based on Trump’s campaign motto “Make America Great Again”, had received massive advertising on social media. This fueled concerns that the demonstrators could clash with Trump opponents who have been staying near the White House on Black Lives Matter Plaza for weeks. As a precaution, the police cordoned off large parts of central Washington.


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