Thousands of Victims: Sexual Abuse Among US Scouts

It is one of the biggest abuse scandals in the US. Tens of thousands of boy scouts were sexually abused. Now a wave of lawsuits is rolling towards the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization. More than 80,000 victims are demanding compensation. Because the BSA knew that their group leaders were messing with the little boys, as the BSA itself admits. But instead of reporting this to the police, the BSA tried to cover up the abuse – and settled the matter internally. For decades!

The victims are still suffering today. Have mental health problems, drink too much alcohol. In the meantime, the BSA has apologized for the years of abuse. One was «devastated», said the BSA, as the «BBC»Reported. But shortly thereafter, the Boy Scout Association filed for bankruptcy – apparently to save their own fortune and not have to pay a cent to the victims.

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