Threatened with a knife: Attack on Rabbi in Vienna – Briefly condemned “anti-Semitic attack”

IAn obviously anti-Semitic attack on a rabbi was carried out in Vienna. A woman threatened the man with a knife, tore his kippah off his head and shouted anti-Jewish slogans, the Austrian news agency APA reported, citing the Ministry of the Interior.

After the crime on Thursday, the perpetrator fled. No one was injured. According to the news portal “OE24”, the rabbi said when he was questioned by the police that passers-by looked the other way instead of helping him.

“This attack is an attack on Jewish life in Vienna,” wrote Interior Minister Karl Nehammer on Twitter after the incident in Vienna’s Landstrasse district. “In addition to the increased protection of the synagogues that has already been ordered, all measures are being taken to clear up this apparently anti-Semitic attack quickly. There is no tolerance for anti-Semitism – regardless of whether it is politically or religiously motivated. “

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Chancellor Sebastian Kurz also spoke up on Twitter: “I condemn today’s anti-Semitic attack on a rabbi in Vienna in the strongest possible terms. We must fight anti-Semitism with all determination and do everything we can to make Jewish life safe here in Austria. Because Europe without Jews is no longer Europe. “


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