Threatened with death, Steven Spielberg obtains legal protection

The director was harassed by Sarah Char, threatening to take him on for an intellectual property case.

We must save Private Spielberg. Following death threats, the director had to seek justice according to TMZ. The filmmaker has filed for a removal order against a woman named Sarah Char who has been harassing her for months and sending her death threats.

«If I personally have to kill people for stealing my intellectual property, I will. Do you get it?This message, Steven Spielberg explains having received it privately on Twitter. According to documents obtained by the American media, the young woman would have even tried to buy a weapon. She was arrested for death threats, harassment and stalking.

Sarah Char is also now targeted with a temporary restraining order. She will not be able to approach less than 100 meters from Steven Spielberg, his daughter and his wife. This does not prevent the director from continuing to fear reprisals.

In the meantime, Steven Spielberg has his work cut out for him. The director has been working on the remake of West Side Story. Expected on December 16, 2020 in theaters, the coronavirus has changed the game. It will take a year, December 8, 2021, to see the director’s name once again on the big screen. The next challenge will be Indiana Jones 5, still in pre-production.


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