Three alleged jihadists arrested in Barcelona

The National Police has detained this weekend three suspected jihadists in Barcelona in a new operation of the General Information Commissariat, as confirmed to Europa Press by sources of the investigation. Two of themsupposedly even they would have been integrated into lists of ex-combatants who would have been fighting alongside Daesh forces In Syria.

According to ‘El Mundo’ and ‘La Vanguardia’, These are two Libyan citizens and a Moroccan who formed a jihadist cell considered particularly dangerous. In principle, it is suspected that the three would be part of the same command, although it is not yet clear if they were already preparing any specific terrorist action.

It is expected that those arrested by the specialists of the National Police go to the National Court this Monday. The operation has documentation and material intervened that will be analyzed by experts of the General Information Commissary.

Last year, operations coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior lThey managed to arrest 37 jihadists within Spanish territory and one more abroad. In 2019, however, there were much fewer: eight radicals, of which only two operated within Spain.

The 17A trial suspended

On the other hand, and because of temporary ‘Filomena’ that has left Madrid full of snow and ice in a few hours, has suspended the resumption of the trial against three alleged members of the jihadist cell that attacked in Catalonia on August 17 and 18, 2017. The sessions were scheduled to continue from Monday at the headquarters of the National Court and, for now, they have no new date decided.


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