Three arrested in Berlin for the theft of jewels in the Dresden Green Vault

The German police today announced the arrest of three people in Berlin and the search and capture of two others for their participation in the spectacular theft of the treasure from the Green Vault in the Dresden Palace, where jewels of the Dresden disappeared a year ago. incalculable value that the kings of Saxony had accumulated in their day. More than 1,600 agents participated in the operation during which 18 searches were carried out, mainly in the Berlin neighborhood of Neukölln, with a high migrant population and from where several criminal clans of families of Arab origin operate. According to the authorities, the three detainees and the two wanted are part of the “Clan Remmo”, a large mafia family of Lebanese origin of about 500 members, which is related to crimes and crimes such as organized robbery, drug trafficking and stolen objects , blackmail, physical assaults and even murder.

The three detainees are Wissam Remmo, 23, and Rabih and Bashir Remmo, 23 and 26 years old, while Mohammed and Abdul Majed Remmo, 21-year-old twin brothers, are unaccounted for and the police have requested citizen collaboration to achieve their capture. The first three were brought before an examining magistrate in Dresden and all have German nationality. The prosecution of the capital of Saxony in charge of the case was convinced of the responsibility of the suspects in the spectacular robbery. “The recordings of the cameras in the palace and its surroundings have been a fundamental part of the investigation. Not only to reconstruct the facts, but to observe the preparations for the escape of the suspects that have allowed them to be identified with relative security, ”said Jürgen Schmidt, Senior Public Prosecutor in Dresden.

The suspects are known to the police and have a long criminal record. Last February, three members of the clan were sentenced to prison terms for the theft at the Bode Museum in Berlin two years ago of a gold coin weighing 100 kilos with a value of 3.75 million euros. Three members of the clan were sentenced to prison terms for this theft, although the coin, a “Big Maple Leaf”, was never recovered and it is assumed that the high-purity gold was sold by weight. Among those sentenced then to four and a half years in prison is Wissam Remmo, who this September should have entered prison after the sentence was confirmed, although he did not surrender to the authorities. If his involvement in the Dresden robbery is confirmed, he would have committed that crime while on trial in Berlin for the theft of the gigantic gold coin.

Image of some of the stolen jewelry.

“We are very satisfied to have arrested some of the suspects and we are sure that we will end up capturing all of them,” Saxony Police President Horst Kretzschmar told the online edition of Bild. The robbery in the treasure chamber at the Dresden Palace, where treasured objects from the Wettin dynasty are kept, is considered one of the most spectacular robberies in German history. On November 25, 2019, two men managed to gain access through a window into the Green Vault museum, where they destroyed several showcases with an ax and took several priceless diamond jewels in an operation that lasted a few minutes. They then escaped in a car that was later set on fire to remove tracks.

The police operation in the Neukölln neighborhood lasted for a large part of the day, leading to the collapse of traffic in the area. The Dresden prosecutor’s office highlighted that special forces from Saxony, but also from other federal states such as Berlin, Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg and Lower Saxony, among other regions, as well as agents participated in the operation to arrest the suspects and carry out the searches. of the antiterrorist unit GSG-9 of the Federal Police. The operation was led by the extraordinary police commission “Epaulette” of Saxony, responsible for investigating the case, and is focused on “the search for stolen treasures and possible evidence such as electronic files, clothes and tools” used in the robbery, according to reported the authorities.

The chances of recovering the stolen jewelery are, however, slim. If the authors of the theft are confirmed to be members of the Remmo Clan, it is assumed that the gemstones were dismantled from their settings and possibly sold on the black market. Among the most valuable pieces stolen is the “White Diamond of Saxony”, a 50-carat piece that was acquired in 1758 by Augustus the Strong and was assembled on an order of the Golden Fleece. In total eleven were stolen from the Green Vault. objects, part of two others and several gold buttons adorned with diamonds, all of great historical value and with a material value of several million euros. “You would have to be very lucky to find the jewels a year after it was stolen,” acknowledged Thomas Geithner, spokesman for the Dresden police, who stressed that “hope is the last thing you lose.”

The interior senator of the city-state of Berlin, the social democrat Andreas Geisel, celebrated the success of the police to clarify the robbery in the Green Vault and affirmed that the searches and arrests carried out are the reward for the hard work of the investigators in the German capital and that of Saxony. Geisel stressed that “it is also a wake-up call” to the organized criminal world, especially to the large family mafia clans. “No one should think that they can impose themselves on this state and its laws. The rule of law is the measure of all things, ”stressed the Berlin Interior Senator.


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