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three artists not to be missed for the 2021 edition – Release

The Transmusicales festival will take place in Rennes from December 1 to 5.

Molly Lewis

Sunday December 5, Ubu

One only has to see Molly Lewis draw graceful shapes in the air with her white-gloved hands as she whistles, her eyes closed, timeless melodies, to understand that she has it in her skin. At 31, the Australian has always whistled, in the forest, with birds, everywhere, after discovering a teenager in the documentary the art of whistling that we can make a profession out of it. In 2012, she won an award at the late prestigious Louisburg International Whistling Convention, experienced a surge in notoriety in 2017 with Kirin J. Callinan and her viral hit Big Enough, goes on studio sessions – recently she whistled for Dr Dre. The death of star whistler Alessandro Alessandroni, inseparable from Morricone’s scores, shocked him. She learns the guitar to be able to accompany herself and, this year, finally releases her first EP, The Forgotten Edge, little exotic pearl, as if to say: let me whistle. Marie Klock

Hey Djan

Friday 3 December, the Floor

“I didn’t see myself appearing with a festive song in a cloudy moment.” Adrien Soleiman did not choose the Armenian repertoire for his political subtext. But when the first song of his new group Hey Djan was released, the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan almost made it impossible to replay the wedding and holiday songs that constitute their repertoire. So Anaïs Aghayan (architect and for the first time singer with Hey Djan) had the idea to resume Siretsi Yars Daran. “A popular love song that could be translated as“ I loved, they took my loved one ”. We recorded it live, in a sequence shot, in one go. “ The deep grace of this piece and the communicative energy of the other content in their first EP should make the Stage vibrate at the next Transmusicales. “This is our first real concert, I am curious about the reception of the Bretons. But it’s a famous audience and this music is great to play, they should like it. ” Matthieu conquet


Friday 3 December, Exhibition center, Hall 3

Looks like The Weeknd disguised as Gil-Scott Heron who allegedly fell off a train. His music is to match – the Stone Roses covered by the Bad Brains, folk as much as hip-hop, the best thing the Deftones have recorded in twenty years. A multi-instrumentalist from Brixton in South London, Miles Romans Hopcraft grew up with his parents’ music – jazz, reggae, afro beat – before turning to skateboarding and metal as a teenager. Enough to permanently remove his taste for shortcuts and straight lines and give birth to half a dozen indefinable EPs, which seem to be based on nothing and yet managed to define a perfectly identifiable sound, like people like Dean Blunt or Mica Levi. Evidenced by his latest single Broken Homes released on Warp this month, perfect tension restraint. Lelo Jimmy Batista

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