Three Belgians invent “Slide”, two sliding screens that attach to a laptop computer: their Chinese partners want to steal their concept

In Gerpinnes, a technology company offers an innovative tool for computers: a dual screen that is added to the existing screen. The bosses spent 18 months preventing their Chinese partners from stealing their concept. Today, they have pre-orders for more than 10 million euros.

Two sliding screens that attach to your laptop to work in pairs or three, you had to think about it! They were the first in the world to have the idea. “The idea came from Thomas, my partner who, during a working session, felt the need to have more space to communicate on his screens”, explains Laurent Wéry, Managing Director of “Portabl”.

The first copies of the “Slide” have just been delivered abroad. The culmination of a journey strewn with pitfalls.

None of the three men is an engineer, they research and train in particular on the Internet. They also have to face competition with a lawsuit in the United States and the filing of three patents for three inventions. “We are the first in the world to have this solution to be able to add two screens to any laptop of any brand, be it Mac or Windows. The second is that we are the first in the world to have switched on the power supply. and data through a single USB cable. And the third is that we are the first in the world to manage a supply of screens that slide without breaking the image “, continues the general manager of “Portabl”.

6 years later, the “Slide” is mass produced in China. Manufacturing slowed down due to the global shortage of components. Selling price ? 600 euros. The Gerpinnes start-up has recorded $ 10 million in pre-orders.

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