Three brothers of the Forero family died in Santander from the COVID-19 coronavirus

The happiness that seized the Forero Sandoval brothers faded as the COVID-19
it took the lives of three of its five members. The social communicator and teacher Julián Forero was the first victim of the virus, followed by Mauricio Forero, a 42-year-old lawyer, and in the last hours the renowned businessman and political leader Javier Forero died.

“It is news that has hit the department of Santander

why Not only is it the meaning that three brothers have left five, but the tragedy of this unthinkable situation that has come to us with the COVID-19 pandemic”Explained Laureano Tirado, a friend of the Forero Sandovals.

According to the first versions, the brothers would have acquired the virus in a family gathering. “They were infected at a party that they celebrated for their mother and they were infected at that time. And they were dying month by month: the first, ending the month of November; the other in the month of December and well, the weekend with Javier’s departure ”, added the man.

For experts, one of the main risks of contagion of coronavirus is inside the homes.

“All that amount of cases that we are seeing at the moment are surely closely related to this type of contact, meetings in closed spaces that took place in family gatherings, the meeting of friends, in which protection measures are relaxed,” he said. Laura Rodríguez, member of the committee of expert epidemiologists.

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