three dead in crashes over the weekend

2023-09-24 22:46:32

Once again, the weekend left a tragic balance in terms of road insecurity in the province of Córdoba: at least three people died as a result of different collisions recorded on speed roads.

In the early hours of Sunday, for example, two young people died in separate road accidents that occurred in the interior of Córdoba.

On the one hand, a young man died around 4:50 on Sunday after losing control of a car he was driving on National Route 9 South and ending up crashing several times. It happened near the town of Ballesteros, in the southeast of the province.

Police sources reported that the victim was 28 years old and that he was driving a VW Gol Trend. For reasons to be determined, the boy lost control of the vehicle and ended up rolling several times on the shoulder.

An emergency service went to the scene, but the doctors could do nothing to save the young man.

The prosecutor’s office on duty ordered a series of expert reports to be carried out in order to determine the mechanics of the incident.

On the other hand, a 20-year-old young man died on Sunday morning after losing control of his motorcycle and crashing into a lighting column near the town of Colonia Tirolesa, in the Colón department.

The road drama happened minutes before 8. The young man was riding a Keller 150 cc motorcycle on route A-147 when, for reasons to be determined, he lost control of the vehicle and ended up colliding with a public lighting pole.

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As a result of the impact, a fire outbreak began that affected both the vehicle and the driver. The Police indicated that fire personnel were present and controlled the flames. The motorcyclist died at the scene.

Cyclist hit

In addition, last Saturday, a cyclist died after being hit by a car on provincial route No. 4, between the towns of Serrano and Melo, in the Roque Sáenz Peña department. The vehicle did not stop and could only be located hours later.

On board that Fiat Siena were three young people, who were delayed.

Results are awaited to confirm whether the driver was intoxicated.

It all happened on Saturday morning at kilometer 223 of Route 4.

Under circumstances to be established, a car hit the cyclist, causing his death a few moments later. The fatal victim was identified as Orlando Gabriel Agüero.

Police officers managed to find the vehicle near Laboulaye. It was driven by a 31-year-old man, who was accompanied by two other people.

Policemen run over

Two police officers who were riding their respective motorcycles were injured on Sunday at noon after being hit from behind by a car in the city center of Córdoba.

The uniformed men had to be transferred to a health center for their corresponding medical attention.

It all happened on Sunday around 12 on Miter and San Martín boulevards in Bº Centro, two police officers who were traveling on motorcycles, for reasons that are being established, were attacked from behind by a Volkswagen Gol driven by a 22-year-old young man. .

As a result, the uniformed officers collided with a Chevrolet Meriva vehicle.

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The security force indicated that both officers suffered multiple injuries, so they were transferred to the Police Polyclinic.

The Police reported that the officials were on guard duty and were going to a judicial unit to deliver a procedure.

Injured after impact against a “washing machine”

Meanwhile, three people were injured after a car collided with a “lavarropa” (a cement street separator) and ended up crashing at the intersection of Colón Avenue and Santa Fe Street, in the Alberdi neighborhood of Cordoba. It happened on Sunday morning.

According to police sources, for reasons that are being established, the driver of a Renault Sandero collided with the “washing machine” in a violent manner.

As a result of the impact, both the driver, 26 years old, and his two companions, a 24-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman, suffered multiple injuries. They were assisted at the scene by an emergency service.

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