three general practitioners out of four a priori ready to be vaccinated

Asked whether they would agree to be vaccinated if a vaccine was available, 47% answered “yes definitely”, 29% “yes probably”, 6% “no probably not”, 5% “no definitely not” and 14% did not comment.

The answers are roughly the same when it comes to recommending the vaccine to patients: 50% answered “yes definitely”, 29% “yes probably”, 5% “no probably not”, 1% “no definitely not” and 15% did not comment.

This survey (available here) was conducted by internet and by telephone between October 6 and November 15, 2020 with 1,200 physicians. Others carried out in French-speaking Belgium with general practitioners and in Quebec with nurses show results comparable to what is observed in France, indicates Drees.

For wearing a mask in enclosed spaces

According to the study, half of doctors were confident in the safety of vaccines and three in four said they trusted the Ministry of Health to ensure vaccine safety.

Two other published studies simultaneously by the Research, studies, evaluation and statistics department show general practitioners’ support for the obligation to wear a mask in closed places (8 out of 10 doctors consider it effective).

However, they are more skeptical of massive screening campaigns. They are only 3 in 10 to think that those put in place during the summer ” have demonstrated their effectiveness in the face of the epidemic ».


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