Three injured by the explosion of a letter bomb at the Lidl group headquarters

Three people have been injured in a bomb blast at the German headquarters of the international discount supermarket chain Lidl in the town of Neckarsulm, in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg, according to a police spokesman. The detonation of the device occurred in the early afternoon in an office building that houses the headquarters of the consortium that has 10,800 subsidiaries in 32 countries, including Spain. The explosion occurred while handling a package that apparently had a bomb inside. “It was presumably a letter or a package bomb,” said a local police spokesman, who noted that there is no information about possible threats or even blackmail against the large supermarket chain.

The three injured in the explosion were immediately taken to a nearby hospital, although their condition is not serious, according to local media. After the detonation, the police ordered the hundreds of people working inside the building to evacuate at the time of the events, while a team of bomb squad with sniffer dogs began the search for other possible artifacts. Several fire brigade and ambulance units also immediately went to the scene, which was widely cordoned off by the police. The local newspaper “Heilbronner Stimme” pointed out that a similar event had occurred on Tuesday at the nearby headquarters of food producer ADM Wild. An employee of the beverage and juice manufacturer was injured when a letter bomb also exploded.

ADM Wild’s headquarters are located in the small town of Eppelheim, next to Heidelberg and about 60 kilometers from the Lidl Group headquarters. The authorities do not know for now if there is a relationship between the two events. Lidl is the world’s largest discount supermarket consortium with a turnover last year of 89,000 million euros. It is part of the Schwarz group, founded by merchant Josef Schwarz in 1930, and has been set up as a foundation since 1999. Lidl has branches practically throughout Europe, but since 2017 also in the United States.


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