Three Kingdoms Trampled on Steam for Refusing Game Support – Gambling Addiction

The other day Creative Assembly reported to end further support Total War: Three Kingdoms and the beginning of work on the next part of the strategy for “Three kingdoms“. Fans took the news with hostility.

Traditionally, they decided to express their dissatisfaction in reviews. Steamby launching a large-scale campaign to reduce the ratings of the game on the site – and the action was a success. Now the strategy has “extremely negative” reviews (18%) for the last time, while “mostly positive” (76%) for the entire time.

Most of all, people are perplexed that the game called “The Three Kingdoms“Did not add a third state, and also thwarted the promises to release DLC about the northerners – and in general for such a successful release (the game set a series sales record) support was dropped too early.

Similar scandals have already occurred with Creative Assembly, when, just a year and a half after the release of the first Total War: Warhammer there was a continuation – however, the third part had to wait four years. It is not known if this is directly related to that scandal.

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