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[The Epoch Times, October 17, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Ye Chengyun reported) On October 16, “2022 HOBAN Cup Seoul News World Women’sGoThe 9th inning after the “Ring Tournament”, China’sLee HyukWu Duan defeated South Korea’s deputy coach in the middle setOh Yoo JinNine dan, two consecutive victories.

Lee HyukandOh Yoo JinThe previous record was 3 wins and 8 losses, and it has recently lost four straight and is at a disadvantage. After guessing first, Wu Youzhen held the black first. In the layout stage, white 48 clips, the first move to cover the black chess below, it is a good move, and in the future, we can plan to build a big appearance in the mid-belly.

“2022 HOBAN Cup Seoul News World WomenGoIn the ring, “Oh Yoo Jin (black) VS Lee Hyuk (white), hands 48 to 52. (The Epoch Times)

However, White 52 to support the corner and choose to play the game on the corner is not consistent with the previous idea of ​​forming a shape in the middle belly. In the actual battle, the top piece was cut off by Black, and White’s gains outweighed the losses, and Black’s situation prevailed. White 70 hood, forcibly encircled in the middle of the belly to try to win, Black squeezed 73, chose to open the robbery in the upper left corner, to create pressure on White.

“2022 HOBAN Cup Seoul News WorldWomen’s Go Tournament“Oh Yoo-jin (black) VS Lee Hyuk (white), hands 68 to 77. (The Epoch Times)

This robbery has nothing to do with the overall situation. Wu Youzhen could have used the robbery to break the middle belly of White, but she placed too much importance on the live move on the corner. Black 91 was eager to eliminate the robbery and made a big mistake. The sunspot swallowed, and the loss was huge.

“2022 HOBAN Cup Seoul News WorldWomen’s Go Tournament“Oh Yoo-jin (black) VS Lee Hyuk (white), hands 87 to 96. (The Epoch Times)

At this time, Wu Youzhen saw that the situation was backward, and tried to rush into the white belly from below, thus forming a robbery again. However, the black chess shape below does not taste good, and there are many borrowings. Wu Youzhen made a mistake while busy in the countdown. Black’s 161 hand is actually not the absolute first mover, and White’s 164 is a hit. Later, White can pick up at A, Black is sticking at B, White is attacking at C, and Black’s triangle numbers have been caught by White. The danger of robbery.

“2022 HOBAN Cup Seoul News World Women’s Go Championship” Oh Yoo Jin (black) VS Lee Hyuk (white), hands 160 to 164. (The Epoch Times Cartography)

Wu Youzhen realized that she had made a mistake, and she was in a bad mood. When White reached 166 hands, she conceded in the middle game.

On October 16th, in the “2022 HOBAN Cup Seoul News World Women’s Go Championship”, China’s Li He Wudan played 166 white moves and defeated South Korea’s Wu Yuzhen 9dan in the middle game. This is the overall chess score. (The Epoch Times Cartography)

After Li He won two consecutive victories, there is only one person left in Japan and South Korea, and the Chinese team is one step closer to winning the team championship. On the 17th, the Japanese coachUeno AisakiWill be on the field.

The latest results of “2022 HOBAN Cup Seoul News World Women’s Go Championship”. (The Epoch Times Cartography)

This tournament is sponsored by the Korea HOBAN Group, and co-hosted by the Seoul News Agency and the Korea Chess Institute. Using the Korean Go rules, the black square is pasted with 6.5 meshes. The basic time for each square is 1 hour, and the countdown is once per minute.
The team champion of the cup competition will receive 100 million won (about 70,000 US dollars) in prize money, and the runner-up and third runner-up will receive no prize money. In addition to the team bonus, the game fee for each game is 1.2 million won (about 840 US dollars), and an individual three-game winning streak will receive a 2 million won (about 1,400 US dollars) winning streak award. Received a bonus of 2 million won. @

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