Three legal entities joined forces to buy more than 37.9 billion yuan of foreign capital to cover 35.7 billion yuan to stop 4 consecutive sales | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Taiwan stocks today (22) closed at 17,572.33 points, up 113.54 points or 0.65%, and the turnover was 584.468 billion yuan, a slight decrease from yesterday. The three major legal entities jointly bought over 37.948 billion yuan, of which foreign capital bought 35.693 billion yuan and terminated the company 4 Sell.

In addition to foreign investment, investment trust today bought more than 1.654 billion yuan and ended 6 consecutive sales; self-employed merchants bought more than 625 million yuan and terminated 4 consecutive sales. On the whole, the three major legal entities have sold more than 4 consecutive trading days in the past. Turn to overbuying today.

Observing the trend of funds today, it is obvious that the previous popular indicators of shipping and steel have been transferred to electronic stocks, including Hon Hai, UMC and Zhongmei Jing, which are ex-divided today, have completed their interest payments. TSMC is also crowded with funds to recover the quarterly line, and the rest such as ABF Carrier board three males, panel double tigers, passive components and memory, etc. are also today’s strong indicators of electronic stocks.

The shipping group was affected by the US President Biden’s re-investigation of shipping companies. Evergreen and Yangming, who were listed in the survey, both fell 7-8%. Wan Hai suffered a heavy setback in the intraday, but it turned sharply in late trading and rose slightly. For closing; steel indicators Zhonghong, Dacheng Steel and Yehui were generally weak, and Taiwan Glass also revised back.

Although shipping and steel are weak, the Four Treasures of Formosa Plastics are holding up the banner of upswing in production. South Asia and Formosa Plastics are the strongest with a rise of more than 2%. In addition, the financial control duo Fubon Gold and Cathay Pacific also have about 3%. The gains boosted the offensive performance of Taiwan stocks today.

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