Three more die of Kovid infection in UAE; Total death 1907

Abu Dhabi In the UAE, the total death toll rose to 1907, with three deaths in the last 24 hours after Kovid 19 was infected. According to the Ministry of Health and Prevention, 1,506 people have been diagnosed with the disease and 1,484 have been cured.

Total patients – 6,65,533. Recovered – 6,43,234. Those in treatment –20,392. Officials said the patients were from different countries and were being treated well.

Total inspection 63 million

Authorities say the total number of inspections in the UAE has risen to 63 million, with 2,42,524 people being searched by the Covid. Masks should be worn and social distance maintained. If not, Iowa has repeatedly made it clear that the efforts of health workers working in the region will be worthless. In case of any violation, please contact the Dubai Consumer App or call 600545555. Visit the website or report the information to the authorities.

English Summary: Four more Covid death reported in UAE


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