Three partners of Loco Leo shot down

The Cicpc reported that three members of the gang founded by Leonardo José Polanco, alias Loco Leo, were killed, an event that occurred in different sectors of El Valle, a Caracas parish from where the aforementioned criminal operates.

On this occasion, those killed are: Isaí Adán Güipe Sánchez (26), alias El Baby; Yohanderson González (El Pantera) and Leiderman José Velásquez Tineo nicknamed El Che. The latter was on the run from the Cicpc Central Homicide Axis and submitted two requests for robbery and theft, the scientific police specified. The other two subjects had a police record for robbery, extortion and murder, among other crimes.

At the sites of the skirmishes, Cicpc agents collected three firearms, a portable communications radio and several drug packages.

El Loco Leo and members of his gang have been wanted by the police authorities since last Good Friday, April 11, when they killed the Cicpc detective Deivis Quintero, who was taken from his mother’s house, tied up and shot at shots in the middle of the main road of the La Vuelta del Beso sector, El Valle.

They presume that after that homicide, Loco Leo and his entourage of collaborators took refuge in Cota 905, a territory controlled by Carlos Calderón (El Vampi), Carlos Revette (El Coqui) and Garbis Ochoa (El Garbis), who distribute drugs, They kidnap people and extort money from merchants, according to the website of the Ministry of Interior and Justice.

In the framework of the investigations, the Cicpc interrogated four women in April who are allegedly related to Loco Leo and identified as Jonailis Daniela Moreno González, Betty Polanco Guerrero, María Angulo and Leomary Katiuska Polanco Angulo, sources from the scientific police said. .

For this reason, the director of Cicpc, Douglas Rico, enabled his social networks to collect information that leads to the arrest of the leaders of the Loco Leo gang: Octavio González Piñango (Gordo Octavio), Edgar Antonio Pino Velásquez (Edgar), Royner Gabriel Albornoz Espinoza (Puppy), Víctor Alfonso Sierra Vivas (Hurry), Dimas Alexander Pérez Suárez (Dimas), Edwin Antonio Cordero Méndez (Nero) and Jesús Javier Hernández Román (Chinchorro), among others.

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