three reasons to watch this shocking transgender girl movie

Released in theaters in 2018, covered in price, Girl is an unforgettable shock film. Carried by the hallucinating performance of young Victor Polster, this portrait of a transgender girl is a nugget to be discovered urgently.

It is always difficult to broach the theme of sexuality, an eminently personal question. The news and the public positions of certain personalities have the merit of putting certain subjects on the front of the stage. So Did Elliot Page recently come out as transgender?, before announcing that he was separating from his partner Emma Portner after three years of marriage. Long before the actor seen in Juno or Inception one film focused on a transgender person, with incredible force: Girl, signed by Belgian director Lukas Dhont. Here are three reasons to watch this shock drama.

For the delicacy of processing

Girl, this is the portrait of 15-year-old Lara. The young girl goes through auditions to join one of the best dance schools in Belgium to realize her dream: to become a star dancer. Born boy, the teenager continues hormonal treatment and is psychologically supported in her process of change. As close as possible to its main character, without ever judging, the film unvarnishedly shows Lara’s hope, her difficulties, her fierce will. For his first film, Lukas Dhont hits hard and delivers a superb drama full of humanity, of rare strength and sensitivity. Une pearl, covered with rewards, Queer Palm, FIPRESCI Prize (awarded by international critics), Camera d’Or (rewarding a first feature film) and Un certain regard prize for actor at the Cannes Film Festival 2018, and a nomination for the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. So deserved.

For Victor Polster, a golden actor

Girl, it is also, and above all it is, its main actor, the young Victor Polster, a dazzling discovery. For his very first film, the young actor is stunning, with a disturbing androgynous physique. Naturally confusing, the actor perfectly embodies all the questions, doubts and contradictions inherent in a process as radical as a change of sex. A very delicate role, embodied with incredible accuracy by Victor Polster. Coming from the world of dance, the actor received many proposals after his performance, but preferred to decline and concentrate on his first passion.

For “his” shock scene

Attention, spoiler! Yes Girl It marks the spectators as much, its shock scene, already famous, is also for a lot. We will not reveal here what it is exactly, but the radical and desperate gesture of Lara at the end of the course hurts, upsets, upsets. A painful but necessary sequence, which continues well after the end credits. And make Girl definitely unforgettable.

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