three soldiers sentenced to suspended prison sentences, four others released

Jallal Hami, 24, drowned in 2012 during an ordeal supposed to simulate the landing of Provence. When the verdict was announced, his brother denounced a “betrayal”.

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The decision leaves “a bitter taste” to the victim’s brother. Three soldiers or former soldiers were sentenced to sentences of six to eight months in prison suspended for “involuntary manslaughter”, and four were acquitted, by the criminal court of Rennes Thursday, January 14, after the death in 2012 of an officer cadet from the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan school (Morbihan) during an ordeal akin to hazing.

Jallal Hami, then 24, drowned in a pond during a “transmission of traditions” on the theme of the Allied landing in Provence. New students had to swim a distance of 43 meters, wearing helmets and rangers, at night and in 9 ° C water. Many students had found themselves in difficulty, the organizers ending up throwing them buoys.

The heaviest sentence, eight months suspended, was inflicted on Hugues Delvolve, who was “colonel of the guards”, one of the most senior officials of the tragic “bahutage”. An 18-month suspended prison sentence had been requested against this 30-year-old man, now a farm worker.

Video: The court “betrayed my brother”: three convictions and four acquitted after the drowning of a cadet in Saint-Cyr (Le Figaro)

The court “betrayed my brother”: three convictions and four acquitted after the drowning of a student officer in Saint-Cyr

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Captain Marc Assier de Pompignan, 31, who was elected responsible for promotion (“father system”) and had recognized his responsibility in the drama, was sentenced to six months in prison suspended, less than the requisitions (12 months suspended).

Finally, the former battalion commander Hervé Wallerand, 49, in charge of 2nd year students at the time of the events and today a private executive, was also sentenced to six months in prison. The prosecution had requested two years suspended against him.

“Marc Assier de Pompignan and Mr. Delvolve were present from start to finish. As for Mr. Wallerand, we considered that he was aware of the risk and that he had committed a serious fault, in particular the lack of control , that he had voluntarily closed his eyes “, detailed the president of the tribunal Alain Kerhoas.

“I recall that to find the defendants guilty, it was necessary to determine not only a fault, but a serious fault: it is the text which requires it”, added the magistrate, to explain the four acquittals.

“Monsieur ! The victim’s brother, Rachid Hami, then questioned him. Thank you for betraying my brother once again. You have disappointed me.” A little later, the latter denounced a “ridiculous quantum of sentences for a life”. He said he hoped prosecutor Philippe Astruc would appeal. He told AFP he was going “take cognizance of the judgment” and that he would decide “on the relevance of a call in the course of next week”.

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