Three U.S. carrier-class ships, rally training… North Korea’s ‘nuclear test’

▲ The ‘Brave Shield’ training unveiled by the US military

Three U.S. Navy carrier-class ships gathered in the sea not far from the Korean Peninsula to conduct training together, putting high-intensity pressure on North Korea to conduct a nuclear test.

Yesterday (13th), the U.S. military released the footage of the Brave Shield 2022 exercise in the Philippine Sea between Taiwan and Guam through the U.S. Department of Defense Video Information Distribution System (DVIDS).

Three carrier-class ships, including the amphibious assault ship Tripoli and the aircraft carriers Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, participated in the exercise.

It is the first time in four years and seven months since November 2017 that three U.S. Navy carrier-class ships have gathered and trained in the waters close to the Korean Peninsula and China.

Only these three ships are loaded with more than 160 state-of-the-art fighters and reconnaissance aircraft that surpass any country’s air power.

Five major US Navy ships, including the cruiser Mobile Bay and the destroyers Spruance and Fitzgerald, were also mobilized for the exercise.

It is a joint maritime exercise of the Navy and Marines among the biennial military training ‘Brave Shield’ scheduled until the 17th.

In the Brave Shield exercise, 13,000 troops of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Space Forces also participate, as well as the B-1B Lancer, a strategic bomber deployed in Guam.

Brave Shield was a training conducted in September after the Rimpac multinational maritime exercise ended, but the schedule was suddenly pushed back by three months, resulting in the interpretation that it was to contain North Korea’s nuclear test.

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