Three unexpected heirs to the fortune of Prince Philip appeared

prince philip
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Philip of Edinburgh left an inheritance of approximately £ 30 million when he died on April 9 at the age of 99. And, surprisingly, three unexpected names appeared in his will that will receive part of the prince’s money.

While it is likely that most of his estate was in the hands of the queen, a source close to Buckingham Palace revealed to The Sun that the duke also rewarded his closest assistants. “Unlike other royals, Prince Philip was generous to the three key men who cared for him: his private secretary, Brig. Archie Miller Bakewell, his page, William Henderson, and valet Stephen Niedojadlo.”

His staff was a great support for Isabel’s husband in his later years. The royal informant also assured that “the economic issues of the inheritance had been settled for a long time, including the wayward Prince Harry. The Duke of Edinburgh was not the type of grandfather who would punish a grandson for misbehaving. Felipe was a just and impartial man ”.

Another source said: “Felipe had a lot of time to take care of his will and prevent the inheritance tax from being applied to him for legal reasons. He liked nothing less than the idea of ​​leaving his cash in the treasury. ” In addition, he added that he told his children -Carlos, Ana, Eduardo and Andrés- that they can keep whatever they want from his collection of 13,000 books in the palace library.

The prince was born penniless and, to flee his country, he was hidden in a box of oranges. When he married the queen in 1947, his naval income was 11 pounds a week. However, that changed over the years. Before his death, Felipe received 359 thousand pounds a year from the Sovereign Grant. Now, the queen will assume full ownership of most of the assets of which they were co-owners.

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