Three Venezuelans are murdered in northwestern Colombia

Three Venezuelan citizens and two Colombians were killed early this Sunday on a farm in the municipality of Betania, in the Colombian department of Antioquia (northwest), official sources reported.

The information was confirmed by the Institute for Peace Studies (Indepaz) through Twitter, and details that in total, five people were killed, three Venezuelans and two Colombians.

“The integral presence of the State and compliance with the peace agreement are required,” the Colombian organization highlights, while the New Granada press reports that the event took place on a local farm.

“In the last hours a multiple homicide was registered in Betania that left at least five people dead (3 Venezuelans and 2 Colombians),” reported the Governor of Antioquia, Aníbal Gaviria Correa, on Twitter.

The massacre occurred at the La Bogotana farm, located in the La Primavera hamlet, which is part of the Betania municipality.

The president added that due to this situation that affects public order, an extraordinary security council was chaired by the Secretary of Security of Antioquia, Jorge Castaño, reports EFE.

The authorities indicated that they are working to verify if there are more victims, a task that is difficult because there are explosive devices on the farm.

Local media indicated that of the three murdered Venezuelans, one of them had been working on the farm for more than a year and that the other two had arrived at the place about two weeks ago.

Armed groups operate in Antioquia, including the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC), also known as Clan del Golfo, who dispute with the FARC and ELN dissidents the control of illegal economies such as drug trafficking, illegal mining and smuggling, and put at risk the security of populations in vulnerable and unprotected situations.

In November of last year, this same municipality was shaken by a massacre of 10 people that occurred on a farm in the hamlet of La Julia, where men arrived who opened fire on the coffee pickers who were in a bedroom where there were fourteen peasants.

Three men and one minor were prosecuted for this massacre, who were charged as allegedly responsible for the crimes of aggravated homicide, illegal possession of weapons, conspiracy to commit aggravated crimes and use of minors for the commission of crimes.

That massacre followed one that occurred that same month in which five people were murdered in a rural area of ​​the Nechí municipality, also in Antioquia, where those who were chatting in a pool hall were shot.


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