Three victims of sexual exploitation were rescued from a hotel in Balvanera

2023-06-10 17:33:00

A hotel located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Balvanera was closed after a raid carried out by the Argentine Federal Police. There, it was found that the facilities were being used to practice prostitution and it was achieved rescue a man and two women who were victims of sexual exploitation.

According to police sources informed the agency Argentine Newsthe procedure was carried out after an investigation began in May, after it was detect suspicious movements in the house located on the street Sarmiento at 2900.

Street View of Sarmiento street at 2900

After a meeting of residents of the Commune 3 with the Secretariat for Coordination and Support to the Jurisdiction, in charge of Verónica Andrade, and the Office of Citizen Liaison of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the City, the investigation of the case related to prostitution.

The investigation of the hotel where prostitution was practiced

To verify the suspicions, a series of tasks were carried out. surveillance and monitoring of the areatogether with analysis of social networks and databases, in order to determine what was the alleged illegal activity that was carried out in the passenger hotel.

They dismantled a brothel in downtown Buenos Aires and rescued 13 victims

In addition, they analyzed surveillance camera footage of the surroundings of the place that allowed to see a recurring entrance and exit of people in the enclosure.

The case was brought forward by the Misdemeanor Criminal Prosecutor No. 21by the prosecutor Federico Battilana. With the evidence collected, where everything indicated that prostitution was practiced, the prosecutor requested the raidwhich was authorized by the Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Criminal Court 23.

brothel hotel entrance
The hotel entrance is protected by green bars

The raid on the brothel hotel in Balvanera

The procedure allowed us to verify the hypothesis and verify that illicit sexual activities were carried out in the passenger hotel. There, several women were found working as prostitutes, violating the closure provided for the place.

In turn, it was verified mode of operationwhich consisted of customers waiting in the entrance hall and later being attended to in at least three of the 18 rooms located on the ground floor.

prostitution is not a choice

The owner of the place collected the temporary rent of rooms specifically set up for sexual acts. They only had beds and had unsanitary conditions, with a lack of hygiene and safety.

During the search, officers found a A group of people -presumed clients- who waited sitting outside the rooms waiting his turnwhile in the bedrooms they found couples having sexual intercourse. As the windows of the rooms have a view of the sidewalk, while the act was taking place they were covered over by wood.

It lasted about seven hours and was carried out by personnel from the Department of Trafficking in Persons of the Federal Police, the National Program for the Rescue and Accompaniment of Persons Victims of the Crime of Trafficking, the Judicial Investigation Corps (CIJ) of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the General Directorate of Inspection and Control of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

Brothel located in Balvanera

In the procedure, various pieces of evidence were seized, such as cell phones, a plastic replica of a revolver, knivespenknife, passenger records, documentation of interest to the cause, condoms and cash.

As it could be verified, the illegal activity only took place on the mezzanine and on the ground floor. On the other two floors, for their part, were living older people who paid for their place in the residence on a permanent basis and seemed unaware of what was going on.

They discovered a “Nazi museum” in a law firm raided for sexual exploitation

Finally, it was arranged lockdown of all investigated rooms, covering the entrance to them with wooden plates. While those responsible for the crime, a man and a woman, were charged and will be investigated in the coming days by the prosecution.


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