Three women and a baby died in a fire in Bavaria

The fire spread in an apartment building during the night.

Three women and a premature baby were killed in a fire in an apartment building in the Dingolfing-Landau district in the German state of Bavaria. According to initial findings, 23 other people were injured, said a police spokesman on Saturday morning. Three of the injured had to be taken to nearby clinics. Any help came too late for the 78, 55 and 20 year old women and the baby.

How the fire in the house in the center of Reisbach in Lower Bavaria had come about was still completely unclear on Saturday morning. The fire spread in the night. A large number of fire brigade, rescue workers and the police were on site. A police helicopter was also used.

The extinguishing work has not yet been completed. “Bricks are still falling from the roof,” said the police spokesman. The apartment building could therefore not yet be entered.

The Landshut criminal police took over the investigation on site. According to the officials, 27 residents are registered in the house.


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