three wounded, road closed (Namur)

Wednesday around 2 p.m., a serious accident left three people injured, two of them serious, on the road to Saint-Gérard.

An agricultural tractor was towing a triple-axle trailer loaded with stones on the road from Saint-Gérard to Wépion when, for some reason to be investigated, it was struck by a Nissan Qashqai oncoming.

The car ended up in the roadside ditch as the tractor trailer and its contents overturned in the middle of the road obstructing all passage.

Very quickly, the firefighters from the NAGE zone of the Namur post, led by Captain Arnaud Brauwers, went to the scene with a multifunctional pumper, a beacon vehicle and two ambulances. An ambulance from the DINAPHI zone and the SMURs of Mont-Godinne and the CHR of Namur also completed the carriage.

The two occupants of the Nissan had to be extricated. Seriously injured, they were dispatched to hospitals in the region. As for the tractor driver, less seriously injured, he was taken to a clinic in Namur.

The Namur police officers took charge of the findings, while the road, totally obstructed by the trailer and its contents, was closed to traffic in both directions. A detour has been set up.

The Namur MD depanneur removed the wreckage from the car. As for the cargo of stones, a farmer and a convenience store went to the scene with a lifting device in order to transfer the contents back to another dumpster and remove the overturned trailer. At around 5 p.m., the road was still closed to traffic following this accident.

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