Three years imprisonment for scout group leaders

EA former boy scout group leader in Baden-Baden has been sentenced to three years in prison in a rape trial. The district court found the 64-year-old defendant on Tuesday guilty of forcing underage scouts to rape a little girl more than 30 years ago. The man had practiced his “sexual perversions” and presented them as a game, said the judge. It was initially unclear whether the public prosecutor or the defense wanted to appeal against the judgment.

The accused was the rape of the child sometime between 1983 and 1987. The victim was between seven and eleven years old at the time of the crime, which can no longer be precisely dated. In the basement of the Boy Scout House in Baden-Baden, the man, as a group leader, is said to have stopped the child and young boy scouts about the serial rape. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the man then compelled the children and young people involved by means of a “boy scout oath” not to tell anyone anything.

The judge considered the victim’s statements to be credible. The testimony of witnesses had revealed “abysses” of what happened to the boy scouts, he said when the verdict was announced. Parts of the process, such as the pleadings, took place in camera.

The accused act was not statute-barred because in the case of allegations such as the sexual abuse of children, the limitation period of 20 years until the victim’s 30th birthday is suspended.

In February of this year there had already been a judgment against a scout group leader from Staufen near Freiburg. The 42-year-old man was sentenced to eight years in prison and subsequent preventive detention for sexually abusing children hundreds of times. He is said to have carried out the acts from January 2010 to August 2018.


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