Three young filmmakers are ready to make videos like movies with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

JAKARTA, RAKYATSULSEL.CO – Living in the Better Normal era, Indonesian people, in general, are increasingly utilizing internet technology in their daily activities. One of them is in terms of looking for entertainment.

The data shows that the activity of watching videos on online platforms reaches 98.5% per month1. And Samsung with the Galaxy Movie Studio program, which has been present since 2019, wants to participate in providing a quality viewing while supporting talented young filmmakers to continue to develop their potential in creating a video with film quality.

Through the smart device technology of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and Samsung QLED Smart 8K TV, Galaxy Movie Studio 2021 again invites the three winners from Galaxy Movie Studio 2020 to make their best video works and have the opportunity to realize their dreams of producing epic and professional films together with well-known directors in Indonesia. .

“Samsung sees how the younger generation is increasingly passionate about creating video content to making movies. In its third year, Galaxy Movie Studio presents its latest technology, now from the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G which is suitable for social expressors, content creators, and also young filmmakers who want to express themselves through videos. The new Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has superior technology with a 108 Megapixel camera capable of producing video quality up to 8K resolution, providing a super epic video creation and viewing experience, “said Miranda Warokka, IT & Mobile Marketing Director, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

“And the best video quality produced through the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G can be directly enjoyed on the Samsung QLED Smart 8K TV. We hope that with the leading technological innovations we present to make and enjoy a quality film, Galaxy Movie Studio can provide an unforgettable experience and can continue to inspire young filmmakers out there to dare to take films to a more serious and professional stage, “he continued.

Galaxy Movie Studio is a forum that was formed in 2019 for Samsung smartphone users to be able to enrich their expertise in creating video content with film-like quality. Supported by various parties to hold offline and online workshops, Galaxy Movie Studio received a positive response from consumers and also the Indonesian directors involved. In its second year, Galaxy Movie Studio 2020 provides direct opportunities for young filmmakers who produce movie-like content through competitions. The competition produced winners who, in the third year of Galaxy Movie Studio 2021, proved their true talents to an even more professional level.

The winners of Galaxy Movie Studio 2020 participated again in the short film-making competition, the three finalists were: Rezy Junio ​​Bernessa as the winner of the Best Picture category, Hasna Rafida Sari as the winner of the Best Cinematography category and Kenza Luthfiani as the winner of the People’s Choice category. They resumed their journey in proving their seriousness in the Indonesian film industry by making their own short film using the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Over the next two weeks, each participant will be challenged to make their epic video themed “Finding Oneself through Epic Journey” which will be recorded with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. The best results from the winners will be judged based on the strength of the story, characterizations and characters as well as epic visuals. Later, this best result will bring one of the selected young filmmakers the opportunity to be part of the short film production of Galaxy Movie Studio 2021 with a professional director that Samsung will soon announce.

Miranda added, after debriefing at Galaxy Movie Studio for the first and second years, now Samsung wants to make it clear that Samsung’s technological sophistication can create an epic short film result from the collaboration of young and professional filmmakers.

“Samsung hopes to continue to facilitate those who are serious about becoming young professional filmmakers and achieving their dreams of becoming big and creating their epic stories. We also always support all people, including media partners, who also want to work in the Indonesian film industry. Of course, technology from Samsung can also be a place for us to produce and enjoy videos of the highest quality. So keep waiting for updates from the continuation of this year’s Galaxy Movie Studio so that you don’t miss the epic moment, “closed Miranda.


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