Thriller! Shooting on a tour bus “Phuket-Phatthalung”, 2 injured, passengers escaped to death: PPTVHD36

Thriller! Shooting on a tour bus “Phuket-Phatthalung”, 2 injured, passengers escaped to death

reporter report was informed that the criminal had a firearm Two passengers were shot and injured, one woman and one man. Ko Kaew patrol officers rushed to the scene. Take 2 injured people to Phuket Mission Hospital. The incident took place at Khuan Din Daeng, Thep Krasattri Road. Outbound, Koh Kaew Sub-district, Mueang District, Phuket Province

From questioning, Mr. Somyot Buakaew, 39 years old, chauffeur driver stated that in the beginning

The police examined more than 20 mouths, suspected of killing 5 families, raising conflicts with labor workers.

prepare for winter receive valentines day New wave of cold air from China covering upper Thailand

The car was driven as a minibus. The Phuket-Phatthalung route leaves the new bus station at 7:00 a.m., picking up all 9 passengers when it arrives about 300 meters before the accident.

Heard 1 shot of gunfire and a woman ran in front of the car asking for help that she had been shot. Then another shot of gunfire was heard. So parked on the side of the road Open the door for passengers to get out of the car. The culprit in the back of the car has a gun. Later, the police officers of Muang Phuket Police Station Arriving at the scene, checking that the culprit with a gun was still inside the car, therefore closed the road. by allowing cars that drive outside the city to run in the opposite lane

Now the police remained immobilized at the scene but still do not know the situation Are there any other passengers in the car?

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