Throne – Dust – Album Review

Thron – Dust
Label: Listenable Records
Black/Death Metal

Photo Credit: Thomas Rossi

Just two years after their third album Pilgrim The Black-/Deather from the Black Forest surprise with a new album. The Corona years and the time without performances were simply used to write new songs and, according to the band, to position themselves musically with new influences. This announcement made me very curious Dust made and I was curious about the influences. The very first run let me take a deep breath, a change can be seen and this combines with your old strength!

Many new elements enliven…

For me, the new elements can clearly be assigned to the classic heavy metal/rock scene. Recognizable harmonies can be found right away in the very melodic opener Dying In The Mud. Here the guitar playing swings between black/death metal attacks and acoustic classic parts. In addition, the Black Foresters show their strong sense for good songwriting. In Return…, HERE, blast beats and speed rule the song. They also create a Black Metal 1990s vibe with the track, bringing back memories of Dimmu Borgir’s glory days.

Speaking of classic metal, at The True Belief I get chills down my spine with excitement. I actually hear progressive riffs combined and big melodies in moderate tempos. Really great number, but it only really took off after listening to it several times. Just like the album needed its three runs to really take off for me. The reasons for this are the varied guitars and consistently good songs. Representative for my assessment are two songs that show the full strength of Dust represent.

Mangy black metal hellhound meets grandeur

For one, we have it Into Oblivion: a mangy heavy black metal hellhound, tamed by wonderful twin guitar sounds and kept on a long leash. This song also stands for the small musical change of the band. On the other hand we have The Tyranny of Iwho looks down on you through his swashbuckling black metal majesty and screams out loud, “I am Throne!”.

I also really like the sound of the album. In the Iguana Studios, a suitable sound robe was again tailored. The production has its rough moments as well as its clean moments and these are well captured. So the result is more than satisfactory.

can be very proud of Dust as they have released a contemporary black/death metal gem. The album manages to be liked more and more after repeated runs and already develops a high potential for addiction. The extraordinary gets almost the dream grade 9,5 / 10


Line Up
Samca – Gesang
PVIII – guitar, synthesizer
Ravendust – guitar
SXIII – Bass
J – drums

01. Dying In The Mud
02. Return…
03. The True Belief
04. The Golden Galf
05. Monologue
06. The Eve
07. Into Oblivion
08. The Tyranny Of I
09. Face of Despair
10. The Wrong God
11. Martyr

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