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Russian government bans civil servants from using iPhones, Russian newspaper says Kommersant. iPhones would be too vulnerable to spying by Western intelligence agencies, warned Sergei Kiriyenko, a senior official in Putin’s administration.

Why is this important?

As the West moves to ban TikTok on government officials’ phones, and other Chinese companies such as Huawei are also suspected of spying, it seems Russia is also wary. In this case, the West is mostly seen as the culprit.

In the news : “Throw them away or give them to your children”: the Kremlin wants to get rid of American iPhones.

  • Russian officials are urged to get rid of their iPhones by the end of March. According to the Kremlin, Apple devices could be used by Western intelligence services for espionage purposes. Sergei Kiriyenko announced this during a seminar for the country’s officials. Kiriyenko is currently the number two in Vladimir Putin’s administration and is tipped to succeed him as president.
  • “The iPhone is over. Throw it away or give it to your children,” a participant told Russian daily Kommersant.
  • The government would even intend to sponsor the purchase of new devices. What is particularly striking is that the ban would apply to four government departments: domestic policy, public works, state council activities, and information and communications technology and infrastructure. Communication. These first three departments will be involved in the Russian presidential elections next year.

Implied: Russia is not very enthusiastic about smartphones, especially in the workplace.

  • Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, would not confirm the news. However, he told the news agency Reuters that smartphones should not be used for work. “Smartphones with a relatively transparent operating system, whether Android or IOS, should not be used on official occasions,” Peskov told the agency. Reuterspointing out that such software can be hacked relatively easily.
  • Peskov also indicated that Mr. Putin himself does not own a smartphone. However, the Russian leader would regularly use the internet.


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