Thunderstorms: Brussels and all of Wallonia go on orange alert with the exception of the province of Hainaut

The Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) has extended its orange alert for thunderstorms to Brussels as well as to the provinces of Walloon Brabant, Namur, Flemish Brabant and Limburg.

Earlier in the morning, the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg had already been placed under code orange.

The rest of the country is on yellow alert.

These stormy showers may be accompanied by violent gales and hail. In the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg, precipitation will probably reach between 31 and 50 mm per hour or between 41 and 60 mm in six hours and will undoubtedly be accompanied by gusts of at least 90 km/h, which justifies the code orange. The MRI specifies that violent thunderstorms could take place locally elsewhere.


During these storms, the FPS Interior reminds not to call the number 112 for normal damage caused by a storm but to dial 1722 or use the electronic counter .

112 lines are open for situations that can be life threatening.

Sending an intervention request via the electronic counter is the most direct way to request help from the firefighters when no life is in danger, underlines the Interior FPS. This request is sent directly to the fire brigade.

Sunny spells and dry weather should return from the west in the late afternoon. The thermometer will oscillate between 17 or 18 degrees at the coast and 23 to 25 degrees in the east and northeast. The wind will be moderate to fairly strong.

The last possibly thundery showers will leak into Germany and the Netherlands in the evening and skies will clear from the west. Low clouds will appear during the night and temperatures will drop between 5 and 9 degrees in the Ardennes and 10 to 13 degrees in Lower Belgium. The west to southwest wind will be moderate or fairly strong.

And this weekend?

The weather will remain dry this Saturday with, in the morning, an alternation between clouds and sunny spells. These will expand throughout the day. The maximum will be between 16 degrees in Hautes Fagnes and 21 degrees in Campine. The wind will be moderate from the west and will weaken during the afternoon. The night from Saturday to Sunday will see the appearance of a little mist and the fall of the thermometer, which will be between 7 and 12 degrees.

A few cloudy fields will scar the sky on Sunday but the weather will remain dry. The highs will reach between 19 and 24 degrees with light wind.

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