Tianjin media: Jinmen tigers do their best to reinforce the plan to warm up with Shandong and Shenzhen_conduct

Original Title: Tianjin Media: Jinmen Tiger does its best to reinforce the plan and warm up with Shandong Shenzhen

Although today is Sunday, it is a rest day in the impression of the outside world. However, the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers, which has maintained a relatively high-intensity training for the past week, still arranged two trainings a day. Some players described the tightness of the training arrangement and the amount of training. It’s too big, and it’s already “topped” to the point where I want to vomit at certain moments during training, and I have to grit my teeth. In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, let all members of the club understand the red history of Tianjin, feel the vigorous development of Tianjin, and show the new look of the team. Tonight, the Jinmen Tigers Club also carried out the “Follow the Red Memory, Inheritance and Struggle Spirit” activity, organized All members of the club and team board the Shanghai River Cruise to visit the “Tianjin Red Memory Exhibition on the Haihe River”.

According to the plan, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers will go to Jinan on the 29th to have another warm-up match with Shandong Taishan. In mid-July, before the second half of the first stage of the league, apart from warming up with Taishan, the Jinmen Tigers The team will also have two warm-up matches with the Shenzhen team on July 5 and 10. Since the Shenzhen team chose to come to Tianjin before the start of the game, they will be training at the Tuanbo Stadium for two weeks. Therefore, both games will be held in Tianjin.

Although the Chinese Football Association and the professional league preparatory team have not officially announced the next schedule of the Chinese Super League, whether there will be 9 league matches in 26 days between July and August, and if the national football team will participate in the Qatar World Cup in Asia in September, October and November. During the top 12 qualifiers, the Chinese Super League will be suspended. Then, from December to January next year, the final rounds of the league will be restarted. What competition rules will be used, and so on. These issues have been the coach of the Tianjin Tigers. The players are very minded, but at least the intensive competition next month is almost a foregone conclusion. The team must overcome the difficulties of its own personnel reserves and prepare in this direction. The Spanish physical coach Julio who has joined the Tianjin Tigers also specifically stated that given that the next stage of the league will be the rhythm of one game every two or three days, only recovery training can be arranged on non-matching days, and physical heights cannot be performed. Intensive training, so it can only strengthen physical fitness in the near future, and strive to let the players deal with the league in a better physical condition.

On July 1, the Chinese Football Association will open the summer transfer window for the professional league teams. The introduction of domestic and foreign aid for the Tianjin Tigers is also in progress. Various obvious difficulties need not be repeated, but the Tianjin Tigers Always try our best to strive for the best reinforcement results.

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