TIDLOR credits continue to surge pushing profits to make new highs – stock dimension

Stock dimensions – TIDLOR Bounces for Renewable Power! Supporting demand for credit Push profits to make a new high of 4.8 billion baht.

TIDLOR by “Dao Securities” revealed that Q4/22 performance expects a net profit of 835 million baht (+5% YoY, -7% QoQ) due to loan growth of 29% YoY from increased mortgage-backed loans, loans 0% installment insurance increases seasonally. and increasing the TIDLOR Card customer base, currently at 56% of total accounts (Q3/2022 at 54%)

Insurance sales soar

Fee income increased by 31% YoY and 38% QoQ due to seasonal factors in insurance sales. Including the efficiency of using the Areegator system, which is currently increasing the proportion of non-life insurance sales to 10% of total insurance sales. However, this quarter saw an increase in staff expenses.

New high profit teeth do not stop

Therefore, for the year 2022, the net profit is expected to make a new high of 3.16 billion baht, an increase of more than 20% from the previous year, while in 2023, the net profit is expected to make a new high continuously at 4.8 billion baht, growing 25% from the previous year because of the loan expected. Increased 21% YoY, driven by a growing customer base using the TIDLOR Card, higher credit requirements to support recovering consumption during the expanding economy. and various campaigns and management to keep the NPL at a low level of 1.6%

credit surgeQ1/66Dominant

Knock target 38 baht.

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