Tiffany Tavernier, a friend who wants you well

Published on : 08/01/2021 – 18:46

Tiffany Tavernier is a writer, daughter of screenwriter Colo Tavernier and director Bertrand Tavernier. Since her first novel, “In the night also the sky” (1999), nourished by her experience in the dying places of Calcutta, she has not stopped traveling, especially in the Arctic, where her novel “The White Man ( 2000) ”. After “Holy Lola” (2004), inspired by the screenplay written for her father with Dominique Sampiero, “Comme une image” (2015, on her childhood on film sets) and a biography of Isabelle Eberhardt (2016), Tiffany Tavernier published “Roissy” (2018) and today “L’ami” at Sabine Wespieser editor.

Cover of Tiffany Tavernier's novel
Cover of Tiffany Tavernier’s novel © Sabine Wespieser Editor

« On a Saturday morning like any other, Thierry hears unusual engine noises as he prepares to leave for the river. The scene he discovers when he leaves his home is truly unthinkable : helmeted individuals, handguns, police cars, an ambulance. Everything goes very quickly, and it is in a state of shock that he learns of the arrest of his neighbors, the only ones around. When he grasps the monstrosity of the facts with which they are accused, he realizes, stunned, how much he was wrong about Guy, to whom he had ended up feeling so close.

Between denial, guilt, anger and sorrow, then begins a frightening plunge into darkness for this taciturn being, whose life until now took place from his house to the factory. His environment brutally devastated, he takes the measure of his loneliness.

It is the beginning of a long and overwhelming quest, the real object of this hypnotic novel. At the end of this almost initiatory journey, Thierry will have to answer the question that torments him. : how did he not see that his only friend was the embodiment of evil ? (Presentation of Sabine Wespieser editions)


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