Tiger mosquito first detected in region

Now present in 70% of the metropolitan area, the tiger mosquito had never pointed his trunk until then
in Brittany. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case since the presence of larvae and adults has been detected in recent days in the town of Domagné, east of Rennes.

To delay the definitive implantation of this insect native to Asia and serious disease vector, a specialized company sprayed an insecticide treatment in the neighborhoods concerned overnight from Thursday to Friday, said the Brittany Regional Health Agency in a press release.

Smaller than the common mosquito

The health authorities also take the opportunity to remind the population of simple actions to fight against the implantation of the tiger mosquito, which has become a scourge in some regions. In particular, it is recommended to “remove and empty all places and objects that may retain rainwater” in order to prevent the insect from laying and proliferating.

Smaller than the common mosquito, the tiger mosquito, which is about 5 millimeters, the tiger mosquito has black and white stripes on its body and legs. He lives and stings during the day and his sting is painful. An Internet site has been set up to signal its presence.

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