Tigers Inge fired Tuca! Remember? History of a win

It is September 15, symbolic date for Mexico for Independence Day, Ricardo Ferretti celebrates 29 years as technical director, an uninterrupted career in which he was never fired, but in the final stretch of his career, that first time is still latent, since it is already common for the fans of Tigres to ask for the exit of Bigotón.

When Miguel Ángel Garza was within the feline board, a possible cessation seemed to be an impossible; However, with the removal of this leader and the return as president of Alejandro Rodríguez, in addition to the Cemex Board of Directors for decision making, an eventual Ferretti’s dismissal would be possible, coupled with the fact that there is a precedent that the Inge already once ran to the Tuca.

The day Tigres fired Tuca Ferretti

It was almost 11 a.m. on June 10, 2003 when Ferretti He arrived at the Sinergia offices and 25 minutes later he left. Virgilio Garza, the then commercial director of the club, reported that there would be a press conference at 12:30 pm, without giving further specifications.

With a serene countenance, Tuca and Rodríguez came to give the conference with the surprising announcement: “Both Ricardo Ferretti and the club have decided to terminate labor relations”.

“It has nothing to do with whether we have been eliminated by Monterrey, this was a decision that was made thinking about the good of the team and after a council meeting, I am not the one who made the decision only, here is a council that analyzes the situation, “said the Inge.

The Brazilian had one year left on his contract, but they decided to thank him and he acknowledged that this elimination at the hands of the Gang: “Maybe it was the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

When leaving Tigres, Ferretti went to give Toluca, but at the end of the Apertura 2004 he decided to leave the helm, arguing alleged death threats of his forward, Jose Saturnino Cardozo.

The present of Tigres

In Guard1anes 2020, the Auriazules are eighth with 14 points, a place that, although it would guarantee them a repechage, remembering that in this tournament there will be 12 classified, given the demand and template available, in the board there is discontent, as well as in the hobby.

About, Inge emphasizes that nobody has a safe position and it is clear that this leader’s hand does not tremble to make a decision of such magnitude, because in 2003 it did, after the ridicule of Tigres in the Semifinal of the Clausura against Rayados, in which he was beaten 4-1 in the Ida in the Volcano and therefore the 2-1 in favor in the Vuelta did not reach him; in this way the cats were eliminated in the first series of Liguilla where the regios were measured.


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