Tigray: Why is Ethiopia refusing calls for dialogue?

Our reporter Ronald Kato looks back on the latest developments around the conflict between the federal government andEthiopia to the province of Tiger, after the last statements of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

“Listening to the language used by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to describe this fight, he insists on calling it a law enforcement operation.

Ethiopia has come under a lot of pressure. Abiy Ahmed himself is under a lot of pressure to agree to a dialogue.

But in the spirit of Addis Ababa, the Front for the Liberation of the People of Tigray did not suffer enough to stop the fighting. He was not even held responsible for attacking federal forces.

So for Ethiopia, what is happening is nothing serious. it is at most a small operation to get rid of the rebel leaders of the state of Tigray, before life returns to its normal course.

However, it is difficult to see a return to normal with two parties vowing to fight to the end. “

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