Tik Tok bans the “milk challenge” .. What is the story?

From time to time, dangerous challenges spread on social media, such as “ice bucket challengeThe Blackout Challenge, Throw It In The Air, and others, sometimes have tragic endings.

With the spread of a new challenge recently, TikTok has banned the famous milk crate challenge from its platform due to concerns that users participating in this trend may suffer serious injuries. The challenge saw platform users place milk crates in a pyramid shape and then attempt to climb onto the unstable crates like stairs.

Be careful

For his part, a company spokesperson said in an email that the platform blocks content that promotes dangerous acts, adding that the platform removes videos and redirects searches to community guidelines to discourage such content.

He also stressed, “We encourage everyone to be vigilant in their behavior, both online and offline.”

In most videos depicting this direction, users are shown falling to the ground while trying to climb one side of the pyramid.

It is noteworthy that the ban comes after many health care workers resorted to social media to express their concerns about the trend and the danger it poses to its participants.

delete tag

In addition, searching for a challenge tag through the app now returns a “No results found” notification. The search results page indicates to users that the term may be associated with behavior or content that violates the Guidelines. Promoting a safe and positive experience is also a priority for the platform.

However, some videos depicting the trend are still visible across the app if users search for incorrect spelling of keywords associated with the challenge.

It is worth noting that although these videos do not have a large number of views, they managed to bypass the blocking loopholes and survive through the application.

Several serious challenges

It is noteworthy that the popularity of the platform has caused the emergence of many serious challenges through it over the past few years. In 2019, a popular trend included the Throw It In The Air challenge, which saw platform users form a circle where no one is allowed to move and then place the phone on the floor to record a video of throwing an object into the air to see who hits the object on its way down.

And last year, a widespread trend about Skull Breaker on the app prompted criminal charges after a teen was hospitalized as a result of the challenge. The tendency was to trick the person into falling backwards on their head.

Dangerous trends like these have also forced the platform to take action to prevent its users from putting themselves in harmful situations.


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