TikTok: McDonald’s Employee Reveals Shocking Secrets About MacAuto Service | VIDEO | VIRAL

A McDonald’s employee in New Zealand – via -, unveiled the three incredible details when you drop by with your order with the car, also known as drive-thru or Mac Auto, a sales channel of the fast food chain.

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Due to the pandemic, many fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, migrated a large part of their operations to this service, since it offered the social distancing that was demanded.

The user of TikTok, @ charlton.a, who now keeps his account private, made three restaurant chain disclosures that you should be aware of when ordering online.

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McDonald’s employee revealed three dark secrets of the fast food restaurant. (TikTok)


Employees of McDonald’s They take orders for the cars and can listen to all conversations thanks to the microphone that is always on even if it doesn’t seem like it.


Another of the revealing data of the user of TikTok is that when you get to order with your car, McDonald’s is constantly taking photos of drivers to serve as evidence against possible verbal, physical attacks and even attacks with weapons and to report this fact.


This is very possible that it does not happen in Peru (or yes), but in the McDonald’s in New Zealand sells cookbooks for ‘burger junkies’ to make their own Big Mac.

reported that he asked the restaurant chain for a statement without finding a response.

After the video went viral, the user of TikTok decided to make his account private. In addition, social networks have been divided on the actions of McDonald’s.



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