TikTok star dies at 23: deadly fall airs live

A young Chinese tiktoker, 23, died on July 20, 2021 while filming a live on top of a crane! The influencer fell 43 meters and her cell phone was left on during the incident which was therefore broadcast live.

It’s a macabre story that, once again, touches the sphere of social media stars. After American dancer Swavy, 19, died of a gunshot wound, 24-year-old comedian Adam Perkins and the suicide of farmer Caitlyn Loane, it’s the turn of another face familiar to TikTok users to disappear.

On July 20, a 23-year-old Chinese influencer, Xiao Qiumei, died after a violent fall broadcast live on TikTok! The victim is a young woman, a crane operator by profession, who shared her daily life with her 100,000 followers on the social network. According to the Sun’s information, tiktoker Xiao Qiumei was on top of a crane at her workplace in Quzhou, China’s Zhejiang Province, while her colleagues returned home. She fell from the machine, making a spectacular fall of 43 meters in front of her subscribers! Indeed, some say that the victim kept his phone in hand throughout the accident, making them experience this tragedy through a screen!

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