Tiktokers like no other – Liberation

One devotes a cult to the Barbie doll, the other films the Norman fog, the videos of a third took him to the Cannes Film Festival…

Nicolas Aragona, tiktokeur niçois evokes seropositivity with humor and pedagogy.

Fiby remains visible in its Cambodian haze

After creating his own success on TikTok by filming the Norman fog, Fiby.mk created a success that overtook her. Read our article.

Céline Kitt, a resemblance that makes recipes

The amateur cook and amazing look-alike of Marine Le Pen entertains her 1.5 million fans with her easy-to-make ideas and her joie de vivre. Read our article

Alyssa, a Barbie girl in the Barbie world

With her account, OneBarbieFan, dedicated to the famous doll that she presents in a new light, the tiktoker manages to fascinate users. His videos, although amateur, are shot like a TV show is produced. Read our article.

The school nurse, the lady from the CDI, the fan of Africa… Users are familiar with the wigged characters of Youzy, 23 years old. His success on the application led him to the Cannes Film Festival. Read our article.

Elodie Costa shines in Nice

The singer seen in “The Voice” performs “Melody”, which has become a staple of the app. Read our article.

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