Til Schweiger’s ex-bodyguard found dead in Uganda

For years, Jan Karras accompanied the German actor Til Schweiger, was responsible for his safety and protection, until he finally decided to pursue a heart project: the 57-year-old took care of orphans in East Africa. Right there found noisy «Bild»-Zeitung, his life now mysteriously came to a tragic end.

Three weeks ago he traveled to the capital of Uganda, Kampala. He wanted to install a 10,000 liter water tank in a local slum and build a kitchen in an orphanage. The operators of the orphanage in East Africa became concerned when the martial artist failed to show up for an appointment, so they went to see him at his €20 hotel. There they finally found him lifeless on the bed.

Apparently, the police could not find any third-party negligence. An autopsy is currently being carried out in the only local hospital. But the presumed cause of death is heart failure. An unimaginable situation for Til Schweiger. The actor recently expressed his sadness to the tabloid and said with a heavy heart: “We are all deeply shaken. Jan was a special person who still had so many plans.” He also commented on Instagram. For a video showing Jan Karras with orphans, he writes: “RIP, Jan! Not only the little fuzzy men will miss you terribly, everyone! »

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