Tilsa Lozano makes radical decision after Jackson Mora’s ampay with another woman

Tilsa Lozano has not stood idly by after the ampay issued in the program of Magaly medina, where he was seen Jackson Mora having dinner with another woman, and decided to delete all his pictures with him on social media.

Tilsa lozano on Instagram

As it is remembered, the well-known fighter was captured by the cameras of ‘Magaly tv the firm‘, sharing a meal as a couple with an unknown woman, while on his social networks he had published that he was having dinner with his friends.

Also, everything got worse when the ‘magpies’ of Magaly medina They showed him the video of his departure to Jackson Mora, and he only managed to stutter, being visibly nervous, before saying that the woman with whom he is seen is an acquaintance who passed by and only greeted her.

Given this, Tilsa Lozano would have decided to completely remove from his life Jackson Mora, deleting all the photographs that he had with him in his account Instagram and now, you can only view images of her alone or with her family.

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