TIM activates 5G signal in 77 neighborhoods of Ribeirão Preto, interior of SP

2023-08-28 15:34:11

Leader in coverage throughout the national territory, now over 77 neighborhoods in the interior of SP have just received the news. Check the list of neighborhoods covered by TIM’s 5G!

A TIM continues to expand its 5G coverage throughout the country, and now more neighborhoods in Ribeirão Preto, one of the main economic centers in the interior of São Paulo, will benefit from this state-of-the-art technology. Leader in coverage throughout the national territory, now 77 more neighborhoods just received the news, where users can already benefit from a more stable and faster internet.

TIM’s 5G arrives in 77 more neighborhoods in Ribeirão Preto

The list of neighborhoods covered by TIM’s 5G coverage in Ribeirão Preto is extensive and includes areas such as Cidade Universitária, Recreio Anhanguera, Galo Bravo, Jardim Zara and much more, covering a wide spectrum of locations in the city that will now enjoy the benefits of this technology. of advanced connectivity.

Check out the full list:

Cidade Universitária Recreio Anhanguera Galo Bravo Dist. Business Mayor Luiz Roberto Jabali Quinta da Boa Vista Nova Ribeirânia Ribeirânia Iguatemi President Médici Jardim Castelo Branco Lagoinha Industrial Park Zara Garden Anhanguera Park Bandeirantes Garden Palma Travassos Garden Paulista Garden Paulistano Garden Macedo City Ribeirão Garden Manoel Penna Garden Roberto Benedetti Santa Cruz do José Jacques Irajá Garden Botanical Garden Canada Nova Alliance Garden João Rossi Vila Ana Maria Residencial Florida Garden California São Luiz Garden Centro Alto da Boa Vista Sumaré Garden Piratininga Garden Progresso Park Ribeirão Preto Vila Virgínia Vila Guiomar Vila Tibério Vila Antártica Vila Monte Alegre Jardim Mosteiro Sumarezinho Vila Maria Luiza Independência Jardim Jockey Club Jardim Ouro Branco Jardim Itaú Jardim Paiva Portal do Alto Planalto Verde Parque das Figueiras Jardim Joaquim Procópio de Araújo Ferraz Jardim José Sampaio Júnior Jardim Alexandre Balbo Jardim Orestes Lopes de Camargo Presidente Dutra Jardim Heitor Rigon Geraldo Correia de Carvalho Valentina Figueiredo Antonio Marincek Adelino Simioni Avelino Alves Palma Industrial Park Tanquinho Chácaras Pedro Correa de Carvalho Vila Pompéia Coronel Quito Junqueira Industrial Park Tamandaré Campos Elíseos Vila Elisa Jardim Jandaia Vila Albertina Ipiranga Faz. Experimental Garden Recreation Garden America

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TIM is today the leader in 5G coverage in Brazil, with more than 6 thousand licensed antennas distributed throughout the country, and in the state of São Paulo alone, there are already more than 2 thousand Radio Base Stations (ERBs).

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